How To Hard & Soft Reset Roku Media Player


Roku is the best to choose from various satellite or cable TV.  It comes with ease to connect with regular TV. If you are using an LED which is not equipped with smart features, then Roku player does all the transformation for you taking from typical TV to smart TV.

For connecting Roku player to TV all you require is a hardware and software. Sometimes a successful Roku configuration wouldn’t save you from all the glitches that might come across while streaming, then your first step to resolve the issue is: To perform hard and soft reset on Roku media player.

To avoid streaming glitches from Roku device, reset function is one that works every time. Let’s brief the steps to soft and hard reset this Roku streaming player. Use this guide carefully.

Let’s step ahead to perform a soft reset, In case if it doesn’t work then it would be wiser to factory reset the Roku device.

Soft Reset:

Soft resetting is simply rebooting the device without making any changes in the settings and removing any internal storage. Perform the soft reset in the following manner:

  • Find the home button on the remote and click it 5 times. In case, your Roku remote not working, then you can get in touch with professionals.
  • Click on the up arrow button one time
  • Press the rewind button 2 times
  • Click fast forward for two times

This will work for all Roku media player models. Need any help? Call at Roku customer service number.

For newer models such as Roku 4 and ultra, follow the following steps for soft reset:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ from Roku remote
  2. Then ‘System’ option
  3. Press ‘Power’
  4. Then click on ‘System Restart’ and you are done.

Disconnect the Power

If any of the steps mentioned above doesn’t work for you, then another way to soft reset the device is disconnecting it from the power cord and wait for 20 seconds. Plug it in again to the power supply.

Hard reset:

Hard reset option will clear all the data from the device and you will not find any files left in your system.

Hard reset using menu: We use it if in case the soft reset doesn’t work, then the final alternate left for us is the hard reset. It is obvious that it will resolve your issue but at the cost of some files as it will remove certain files.

If you are using the latest Roku models to name a few: Roku Premiere, Roku 4 or Roku Ultra

  • Click ‘Settings’ on the home screen.
  • Next find the ‘Advanced system settings menu’, you may find that under the settings option.
  • Simply click on the ‘Factory Reset option’.
  • Lastly click to ‘continue’.

Perform hard reset for old Roku models

  1. To avoid freezing remove the power/HDMI cord from the port (USP).
  2. Press and hold the reset button for few seconds to restart the device.
  3. Try disconnecting the device from the power cord and then reconnecting it again after about a minute.

This is how you can hard and soft reset your Roku device. If you have any kind of trouble or need Roku help, connect to us at Roku tech support. We are here to assist you!

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