Troubleshooting Common Issues of Roku 3 Media Player

Roku 3 player model is a media unit that allows you to access a number of streaming networks, movies and online videos from your selected channels. If you face any problem streaming your favorite content then the following troubleshooting tips are of a great help to you.

Roku 3 player model

  1. Remote not responding: These are the fixed steps for troubleshooting roku remote not working issue:
  • Need to replace the battery: The initial step in remote troubleshooting is to check if the battery is drained. Replace the existing batteries and see if the new batteries are working fine now. A glowing LED light which is present on top of the remote control will give you an idea to this. If this doesn’t work for you, follow the next step.
  • Pairing issue: It is quite important for a Roku device to be paired with the remote for its proper functioning. To repair it press and hold the purple button on the remote for around 3-4 seconds. A remote pairing dialog box will be displayed on screen. Follow the displayed instructions step by step.
  • Restart both Roku and the remote: To do this, you are required to remove the battery from the remote and then re-insert them. Now you may restart Roku by unplugging it from the power supply and reconnect it to power source after waiting for almost 5 seconds.
  • Remote needs to be cleared: In order to clear the remote you first need to remove the battery from remote compartment and re-insert it again. Now press the pairing button along with A, B button altogether till the LED flashes. Again plug in the roku player and again press and hold the pairing button till the LED flashes. LED flashes for 3 times overall which is a fair indication that the device is paired properly.
  1. Poor video quality: Below mentioned are a few obstructions that may interrupt you while streaming high-quality content from Roku device.
  • Low connectivity between router and Roku 3: If you face low connectivity issue between Roku 3 and Router resulting in poor quality video streaming, then try moving your Roku 3 away from other devices that may cause interference.
  • Internet connection speed: The internet connection speed should be 3 Mbps minimum to 10 Mbps maximum for a high quality streaming. If you face speed issues in your broadband connection then it is recommended to disconnect other network devices used by Roku 3.
  1. No Wi-Fi Connection: Are you having trouble connecting Roku with the network, here is the list of possible causes why the roku not connecting.
  • Wrong Wi-Fi login information: The Roku login Information that you might be using is incorrect or you have forgot the username. Now to fix this, you need to check your username and password and then re-enter it.
  • Wi-Fi out of range: This issue occurs if there are so many oppositions between the router and the Roku device. It is advisable to place the router in open areas where there is no network interference or other network devices causing signal blockage. This will strengthen your network avoiding opposition caused by the walls or windows. You may also try changing antenna orientation to enable maximum network strength. It will surely help you in coverage issues.
  • System Reboot is required: If the steps above don’t help you then you can try rebooting your devices. Disconnect the devices off the power supply. Reconnect them to the power supply after 5 seconds. Check if that works.
  • Incorrect IP address: Wrong IP information may be one reason for roku not working or couldn’t connect to network, In that case check the settings, go to wi-fi and then select network settings. Try changing IP address from manual to automatic.
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