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MY Roku Account Setting

It’s a kind of a storehouse which keeps a record of Roku’s streaming devices, which are in customer’s possession. It maintains the record of the channels which the user has installed, their preference and setting list. Always keep the Roku account linked with working email address, it keeps the user updated with important account notifications. The password which is kept for the Roku account should be quite strong and secure for the safety measures.

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Reason one must have a Roku account

Through Roku account the user can review the purchase history anytime in case if it’s needed, also other additional features such as to add more channels from Roku channel store, to manage subscriptions and linked devices are possible through Roku account. One can even update the PIN, payment method through its account. Thus it’s important that one should keep an access to its Roku account. It’s very simple to make a Roku account.

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Steps to activate Roku account

Before you activate your Roku streaming device, it must be linked to Roku account. You are not required to pay any amount in order you wish to make a Roku account. The only thing you need to do is to provide a payment method, Credit card is optional. Once you are done with the payment method, you can subscribe to a number of channels, you will only be charged in case you purchase something such as pay subscriptions to popular channels, buy movies, TV shows or some kind of other purchases from the Roku channel store.

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In case you need to update your payment method

Visit on either your smartphone or desktop, then sign in to your Roku account, there you will find an update button under the payment selection method, just complete all the details as asked for and then click on submit.

Roku Account Setup

In case you need to remove the payment method

Visit on either your smartphone or desktop, then sign in to your Roku account, go to the update button under the payment section, at the end of the page option of remove payment method will appear, tap on it and then press confirm.

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Update your pin

Go to the site , access it either through your smart phones or the computers, sign in to the Roku account, then you will find an update button under the section of PIN preference, you will be given a list of three choices:

  • Ask for the pin before you make purchases or to add items from the channel store
  • Always ask for a pin before you make any kind of purchase.
  • A pin is not required at all either you wish to purchase or add any item from the channel store.
  • If you make a choice between first two options and have not yet listed a pin, a pop up will appear which will ask you to enter 4 digit number in the PIN field, then select verify pin field to confirm the entire setup. If you already have a pin you need to enter it in verify pin field.
  • After the entire process, click on save changes and agree to the terms and conditions.
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