Roku Setup

Roku Setup

“Easy and Convenient are its Specifications of Installation,

which makes it user friendly.”

roku setup support

  • So, before you want to get amazing experience by Roku TV .You must need to know all the specifications of installation. You need to get a stable wireless network along with a Roku account .It takes nothing to create a my Roku account.

Roku Account Setup

  • Setup Package is provided with Roku TV remote. Insert Roku remote with suitable power batteries and switch on the power button. After that you will be directed to TV startup screen, where you have to choose a language you are comfortable in. Click Ok button of your remote in order to enter next installation stage.

how to connect roku to wifi

  • Next step involves selection of country and make sure all TV features are available in your country.
  • Now connect your TV to wireless network by scanning the networks available. You have to enter the password, as it is case sensitive, you are provided with feature of show password so that you do not type it wrong.

how does roku work

  • As soon as you are connected to a network, this Smart Roku TV will automatically download the latest version of Roku software and will reboot the system.
  • Further you must have a Roku account activated that informs you about all the Roku devices you own and provides you Roku Channels free of cost from Roku channel store.

How To Set Up Roku

  • Turn on all the connected devices so that your Roku TV can detect it. Roku provides you pre-selected icon and names for device linked with first input. You can search through the list by using Up and down button available on your Roku remote control and press OK.
  • That’s all about Roku Setup!! Now you are ready to watch movies of your choice and enter into the thrilling world of entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that ‘power’ button and start enjoying your favorite content.
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