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Roku Support brings easy-to-follow and guaranteed troubleshooting steps for Roku remote. With the increase in the number of issues related to the malfunctioning of the Roku remote, we at Roku help found an urgency to compile the troubleshooting steps to get the roku remote not working back to its normal working condition. But, there are certain prerequisites as well, which all Roku users who are facing problems with remotes.

They need to check the batteries first because in many cases, the reason for a non-functional remote is drained batteries only. But, if batteries are fine, then there may be an issue or multiple issues in the remote itself. Simple yet effective troubleshooting steps for Roku TV remote Press the pairing button and see if it works. In order to do so, you need to:

  1. Remove the battery cover and open the compartment where batteries are inserted.
  2. After that, press the pairing button and immediately release it.
  3. If you see the pairing light turning on, then that’s good, but if not, then there is an issue with the batteries, so change them.
  4. Finally, you need to test the remote.
    Power-cycle your Roku player and remote control. To do this, you have to;
  5. Turn the power off from your Roku device and put it back on after 20 seconds.
  6. You have to boot the Roku player, which can be done by removing the batteries from the Roku remote.
  7. Then, you have to reinsert the batteries after 10-15 seconds to check if the remote works or not. ]
    Try to pair the remote with the Roku player again. For this you will have to;
  8. Again remove the battery cover of the remote and open the battery compartment.
  9. Find the pairing button and press & hold it until you see the LED light flashing.
  10. Finally, you will see a notification on the TV screen regarding the successful pairing.
    Remote needs to be cleared and paired again. This can be done after you;
  11. Remove the battery cover of the remote and open the battery compartment.
  12. Then, unplug the Roku player’s power supply.
  13. There are two buttons named A & B on your Roku remote, so you have to press and hold them. If A & B are not present, then look for Home and Down buttons. While you press and hold those buttons, you have to press the pairing button as well.
  14. Now, you will find pairing LED glowing in the remote, so it’s time to release the buttons.
  15. Following that one LED flash, you will see three more. If you do, then it means that the remote is clear.
  16. Now, you can put the power back onto the Roku player.
  17. Put the remote back into the pairing mode. This can be done by pressing and holding the pairing button for three seconds.
  18. After the rebooting of the Roku player, you are going to see a pairing message on your TV screen. Then, your Roku player is paired with the remote.
    If nothing works for you, then you have no other option, but to factory reset your Roku player. This can be done by;
  19. Finding the reset button on your Roku player. For some models, it is given at the bottom of the device or on the back. For roku streaming stick, it is given at the top. You need to press and hold it for 20 seconds to put it back to the factory settings. The problem of Roku remote not working will be resolved one or the other way.
    How to use and maintain Roku Remote?
  20. Like your TV remote, you have to keep Roku remote in a dry and clean place.
  21. The operation of the Roku remote is similar to that of any other remote. The remote needs a line of sight view to perform the necessary action.
  22. While replacing the batteries, make sure that the new ones are of the same brand.
    How does remote interference occurs and its relation to pairing loss?

Interference is one of the most common issues with Roku devices. There are many electronic items in the houses that can cause interference in the signals of the Roku remotes, thus resulting in pairing loss as well. To avoid such issues, users need to move their Roku devices a foot or two in any direction. That will be good enough to eradicate the issue of ‘Roku not working properly’ once it for all. Interference caused by the electronic gadgets can affect the performance of the Roku devices.

Check Router settings

Users are requested to avoid networks that are congested. Those networks will do no good for them. We will suggest that users should use a separate channel that is less congested. This will avoid noise as well as interference on their wireless network. We will further suggest that if users can use Channels 1, 6 and 11, then it’ll be great because there is no problem of overlapping frequencies in these channels. If there is a certain issue with the Wi-Fi connectivity, then your Roku is going to show ‘Roku error code 014’. This particular code is very frustrating because people can’t get rid of it despite making multiple changes.

If users are not able to connect Roku to Wi-Fi, then there is no other option, but to follow the troubleshooting process. We at Roku Help offers accurate troubleshooting steps, which can make Roku players and Roku remotes back to their working condition.
Besides Roku remote troubleshooting, we are also proficient in providing troubleshooting steps for other issues as well. These are:

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  2. Roku error code 011.
  3. Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled.
  4. Roku HDCP unauthorized.
  5. Roku error code 003.
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  8. Roku not connecting to the TV.
  9. HDCP unauthorized content disable Roku.

Get in touch with our roku tech support providers and let them resolve the issues using the troubleshooting steps, which we have come up after brainstorming sessions of research and development on different models of Roku players.roku customer support

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